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It appears that the folks at Techlite take customer concerns into serious consideration. Not too long ago, Techlite released a Gen-2 Lumen Master 150-Lumen Tactical Flashlight, and more recently, a 200-Lumen version as well. Techlite addressed some major points of contention that arose from the troubled Gen-1 version. You can read more about those problems in the user comments on this page. In the following post, I will report on my test findings of three of the updated Gen-2 Lumen Master flashlights that I picked up at Costco.

First of all, let’s talk about the things that Techlite upgraded in Generation-2 to improve on the shortcomings of Generation-1.

  • They fixed the numerous problems caused by the overly-complex circuitry in the old tail switch. The simplified new switch is covered by opaque black rubber and does not have a low battery indicator. It also does not have a voltage threshold; in other words, it does not require a fresh battery level of voltage to operate. You can run the battery down until the light just dims out, rather than stopping abruptly when the voltage threshold has been reached.
  • The first change also fixed the failure to reset the switch circuit after the low-battery indicator came on. This had caused some lights to permanently stop working after the first set of batteries went dead… even after installing fresh batteries.
  • The first change also fixed the dormant battery drain issue regarding batteries being consumed when the light is stored with batteries installed. The new switch does not appear to allow any current to flow when the light is turned off. Read on for the burn time results of the Gen-2, 150.
  • They beefed up the battery retainer. The Gen-2 retainer sports a thicker, higher-quality and more robust plastic that is less prone to cracking when batteries are installed and removed.
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Test Results

I tested a 3-pack of Lumen Master 150’s using the standard Duracell Coppertop batteries that were included in the package from Costco. Before testing, I installed the batteries and left the lights in a drawer for 6-weeks. After sitting for a month and a half with the batteries installed, I ran each light through one of the following tests.

  • [Light 1] High-Beam Burn Time: 129 minutes of total burn time, with notably diminished brightness after 108 minutes.
  • [Light 2] Low-Beam Burn Time: 236 minutes of total burn time, with notably diminished brightness after 189 minutes.
  • [Light 3] Abuse Test: For this portion of the test, I subjected one light to the worst form of abuse I could come up with… I gave it to my two-year-old. She has been banging it around for about 2-months now, and it is still alive and still running on the original batteries.


I was amazed at the long run times recorded, especially considering that my Gen-1 Lumen Master’s would not even turn on after 6-weeks of sitting. The 200-Lumen version has similar switch architecture, but will undoubtedly produce a shorter burn time than the 150. These lights produce a bright, well-defined primary beam for visual incapacitation, along with a wide-circumference secondary beam to illuminate your surroundings. Overall, the light beam quality is top-notch.

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On a side-note of personal opinion, I would still like to see the activation switch further simplified by only having on/off/momentary. I also wish the 1-second delay of the momentary function was not there. For these reasons, I still find that this light leans more toward sport/utility use than tactical use. I prefer my tactical light to be as simple as possible, and of course, instantaneous.

Overall, these critical updates make the Techlite Lumen Master a real contender in the sport/utility light industry. At $20 for a 3-pack with batteries and lanyards, it certainly is an incredible value that should not be passed up.

Next Generation Techlite Lumen Master
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  • I keep a 1st generation TechLite 200 in the glove box of my car. After I noticed the red light on the rear switch warning me of low batteries, I brought it inside to replace the batteries. When I did this I discovered that the bottom of the battery holder had cracked and then it came apart.

    Do you have the address and phone numberof Lumen Master where I can request a new battery holder?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Serve Lynch

  • stephen

    I also need a battery holder, and I’m in the need of the same info.

    Reply from Admin; I wish I had info for you guys. I can’t even find a company website on Google. Maybe Techlite falls under the umbrella of some larger firm.

  • Daniel

    I just emailed them re two of my three units being defective, so I happen to have the package in front of me.

    TechLite North America
    PO Box 849
    Medina WA 98039
    Customer Service: 888.910.2280
    Hours: M-F 8am – 5pm Pacific Time

  • Bill F

    I own 4 TechLite Lumen Master lights. Something is draining the batteries with all 4 within 4-5 weeks without ever being turned on. I have replaced with fresh batteries (tried several different brands) repeatedly with same results. How do I remedy this?

    Reply from ADMIN;
    Please take a look at the other post here. This is a common problem with the older model. The only remedy is to remove the batteries before storage.

  • Eas

    I got mine in a set of three from Costco, just over a year ago. I don’t have the lit indicator button, the switches are bblack rubber on mine but they definitely run down the batteries within a month or so even if they are unused.

    I’d love to confirm that the ones they are selling today actually solve the problem, because if they do, I’d love to exchange the set I have and pick up another set.

    It sounds like you got a good set. I guess I’ll try exchanging the ones I have and see how they work.

  • ricomania

    Eas- do you have 150 lumen or 200 lumen models? it appears some of the 150 are the old style and some the new. I THINK the 200 lumen models all have the new style switch gizmos. mine are being used for Search and Rescue. I keep a princeton tec headlight and some el cheapo $3 auto parts store led flashlight specials that runs on 3AAA in the bag as a backup.

    one thing this light does is clip out if it thinks the voltage is too low it simply turns the light off completely. at that point you have to remove the tailcap, breaking the battery connection, to reset the light. once reattached she works like a charm… although …….

    I too thought the idea/concept of tactical a bit ridiculous with a once second delay. think about other tactical situations… a knife fight, a kung fu match, an old fashioned duel. If any of those gave you a one second delay you’d be dead.

    Light, when you need it…. yeah, it’s kind of important like that.

  • JohnJ

    I picked up 3 from Costco a couple weeks ago and one of them is broken. The fancy switch failed; another argument for simplicity. I called the phone number above and the guy who answered instantly promised to send out a replacement switch. So, I’m waiting.

  • Wil


  • Techlite won’t respond to my four out of battery holder failures. These are basically junk.

  • Agnes

    Thank you for posting the company’s info. I called the number they were busy said they would call back. They did call right away. And are sending me the parts